Day 317 (13 May 2011) – It’s Melinda’s Birthday!

That’s right, it’s Melinda’s birthday today. And as her mother’s birthday email to her said, “You’re 28 and looking great!”

Hmmm…. If Melinda’s 28 and I was born 11 days after her, that makes me…

The two of us, Melinda and I, went out for a wonderful lunch at a Nantes restaurant called “Song – Saveurs & Sens” that was recommended to her by Christine. Like I said, it was wonderful. We shared a few dishes, including a sushi plate and grilled salmon, prepared and presented in elegant fashion, perfect for Melinda. I ordered each of us a glass of champagne to toast the occasion, and mentioned to the server that it was Melinda’s birthday. To our delight and surprise, the chef prepared this special plate for her.

Still ahead today is lounging by the pool (it’s in the low 70’s right now), a light dinner, and an evening champagne toast. As I said to Melinda at lunch, “Could you ever imagine that you’d be celebrating this birthday in France, eating sushi and have such great company?”

I think she was thinking something like, “Two out of three’s not bad” but it came out as, “And no jet lag!”

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