Day 316 (12 May 2011) – Les filles dans la piscine

For those of you sitting on your chairs at home, breathlessly waiting for an update on the temperature of the pool today, I am pleased to report that it’s almost up to 29 degrees C (remember, we cap it at 30, what is 86 degrees F). So approaching 29 C means it’s well above 80 F, more than comfortable for a late afternoon swim on a 20 degree C (68 F) day. Melinda was pleased to take a call from Celeste (girl on the left) who, all in English, asked if she and sister Claire could come over for a swim. I was out meeting Ella on her way home from school, and Chloe and Alex were about to head out to her babysitting job. In other words, the timing was perfect.

We get such a kick out of these two girls who, you will recall, are the youngest two children of our beloved neighbors, Christine & Bernard (the older two are boys, Max & Théo). We had the adults over last night for an introductory round of the TV show “30 Rock.” Melinda has been on a Tina Fey kick lately and wanted to share this little bit of Americana with them.

About the pool… It just may be time for me to resume my solo midnight swims. Ah…

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