Day 321 (17 May 2011) – The Glory of French Bakeries

Today’s picture is one of those that needs very little commentary. Just look at those baked goods. And that’s just a fraction of what was in the case. This particular bakery had three HUGE cases of tasty-looking treats.

The related story (bear with me) goes something like this. Ella had a 2 hour delay to the start of her school day so it was past 9:30 when she, Melinda and I left the house for the tram ride to her school. When the tram arrived, one of her friends was on board so Ella went to sit with her. Melinda and I found a couple of seats together elsewhere. Arriving at Ella’s school stop, we stayed on the tram, deciding to get off at the next stop and visit this bakery that we rarely visit before walking back home.

When we arrived at the bakery (and this is now almost 10am), the line to the register wound around the store and for a minute out the door. I took this and a few other photos while we were waiting in line. Part of what I like about this bakery is the ability to see back into the kitchen. Seeing the bakers at work was fun (as you get a hint at in the photo), as was noting the contrast of the kitchen to the lighting and display of the items in the cases.

Your thoughts?

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