Day 322 (18 May 2011) – Birthday Boy!

There he is, Laurent Boudeau, the birthday boy, 49 today. I caught him on Sunday in the basement of his parent’s house, his childhood home, studying his father’s wine collection. Of course this isn’t called a basement. It’s a cave. Me, I want a cave. But mine doesn’t have to have vintage bottles of wine. Mine needs to be a secret hide-out for a car, and a computer to help me track down criminals, and a fire pole to get me from the house to it. Yup, I want a bat-cave!

But enough about me. It’s Laurent’s birthday.

I just transferred the photos from our weekend in Bressuire to my iPhoto library, giving me the chance to re-live the experience. What a fun time it was, and how great to wander through the town where Laurent and Frédérique grew up. Being in Laurent’s childhood home was especially fun. He showed me a great photo from when he was a boy, complete with hair, and two others from his and Frédérique’s wedding. Wowie-zowie. What a couple!

Happy birthday, Laurent!

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