Day 324 (20 May 2011) – Just Another Incredible Day

A few minutes ago Melinda said, “This sabbatical has been incredible.” It’s so true. What a wonderful gift we’ve been given, what a luxury this continues to be. And the weather has cooperated in unimaginable ways. Every time we get another report of Seattle’s dank spring, we feel additionally fortunate to be here. There are so many sunny days in Nantes. I don’t know if we’ll be able to tolerate the drizzly days of a Seattle winter next year… To do so we’ll just have to reminisce about days like today.

Today’s photo was taken about an hour ago as Melinda and I walked Ella home from school. I took a picture from a similar spot and posted about it near the end of January. It was very cold that day and Ella and I were bundled up. It was a useful post for me to read as it helped me remember that not every day here has been sunny and 75 degrees.

Before going let me send out a happy birthday greeting to our niece Jessica who turns 26 today. We are very excited to have learned from her that she recently became engaged. Whoo-hoo!

2 thoughts on “Day 324 (20 May 2011) – Just Another Incredible Day

  1. You will really like Vince, Jessica’s finance, who is an assistant basketball coach and a sports fan (not my teams) with a great sense of humor. We enjoyed meeting him at Nick’s graduation and look forward to seeing him again.

  2. It really was a good spring to miss in Seattle.
    Rainest March and April. 200+ days without a 70 degree day which we did end last Friday.

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