Day 325 (21 May 2011) – Gay Pride 2011 de Nantes

Melinda and I promised Ella that we would swing by Picard today to pick up her favorite frozen pizza. We took bus line 51 (instead of the tram) to go to a different Picard, one that’s a bit larger and typically less busy than where we usually go. Line 51 picks us up near the tram stop but goes the other direction around the racetrack where it turned out there was much activity taking place. Turns out it was a “His & Her” mini marathon taking place. I’m sorry we missed running in that!. Anyway, this Picard WAS less busy. We were the only customers.

We planned to hop back on the 51 in the opposite direction but it was a 20 minute wait, so we decided to walk into town instead. From a distance we could hear a voice over a loudspeaker. Periodically the voice would say, “Un, deux, trois!” and be followed by cheering. Motivated to investigate, we discovered it was the 2011 Gay Pride celebration in Nantes. Fun! There was music and dancing and flag waving, much of which you can see in my picture. And I snapped this one just as the crowd raised hands and cheered.

Now about Ella having dinner alone. Chloe is babysitting and Melinda and I are being taken out to dinner by Frédérique & Laurent and Sandrine & Laurent (Alice’s parents) as a thank you for the English language lessons we have been providing their children. We’re very much looking forward to it. I intend to report on that dinner tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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