Day 333 (29 May 2011) – Royal de Luxe IV

That’s right, I’m not done. The spectacle is so significant that it deserves a fourth straight day of coverage.

Today we attended the activities with Frédérique and Laurent, getting picked up by them and traveling by car to where things started. We arrived at the perfect time to see the giant be awakened from his sleep. It is quite an event to watch his handlers bring him to life. They attach numerous cables, all the while rappelling from the upper reaches of his body down to the ground. They also attach the vehicle that helps propel him. Then they have him stand and start walking, coordinating his every movement with such precision to make it look natural. His head, his arms, his legs, hie eyes, every worker timing her/his move. It’s choreography at its finest.

Having seen the giant come to life, and watching the girl and dog do some tricks, too, we hustled into the center of town to try to capture a good spot to see the activities there. Both giants had to be lifted over the cable lines of the tram, something that was dubbed as a double mission impossible. We were less than 20 yards from it, and again got to see the most amazing coordinated efforts. Today’s photo comes from that spot as they prepped them for the lift skyward.

And with today’s events the Royal de Luxe show in Nantes has come to a close. I can’t imagine what I will report on tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Day 333 (29 May 2011) – Royal de Luxe IV

  1. I loved to learn about this – which i wouldn’t, if I didn’t read your blog everyday! Grand! Merci.

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