Day 337 (2 June 2011) – Ascension Day

It’s a national holiday in France today, Ascension Day. If you are wondering just what Ascension Day is, it is a Christian holiday commemorating the day Jesus ascended into heaven following his resurrection.

Being a national holiday, schools, banks, stores, etc are mostly closed, and public transportation is running on its holiday schedule. Of course, many bakeries are open (at least for part of the day) as it is important for the French to have ready access to fresh bread.

Melinda and I have spent the day working on a little project for the graduating seniors at PSCS. This involved traveling to different parts of Nantes and taking some pictures and a little video. Back home, we are trying to morph it all into something wonderful and meaningful. Today’s photo comes from one of our stops, the old LU factory (which was opening up as we walked by). We sat down to rest and have a quick drink, and I spotted this sign on the wall. It greatly appealed to me.

If you want a translation, try Google.

Your thoughts?

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