Day 338 (3 June 2011) – High Finance

This may be one of those posts that is of less interest to most of you but serves the initial purpose of this blog, a reminder photo and some text about some of what we do in France to get along. For instance, this lovely photo is of our bank, at least the branch where we most frequently go. If you can’t figure it out, the bank name is CIC (which in French sounds like “say ee say”). I have no idea what the letters represent.

If you’re interested, we handle our French finances by withdrawing money from our American account at an ATM and then depositing the cash into our French account at this branch. We found we get the best exchange rate following this protocol, although the way the US dollar has been faring against the Euro over the last few months we’ve had to tighten our belts.

It’s about a 15 minute walk from our house to the branch or we can take a bus. I prefer the walk, which is what I did today to make a deposit. “Je voudrais faire un dépôt,” I said to the teller.

By the way, it’s a scorcher today, temperatures into the low 80’s! I’m posting early because we’re heading over to the Boudeaus for our first dip in their pool. That’s right, they’ve had a pool built in their backyard. Look for a photo on Sunday (tomorrow I’m dedicating to the graduating seniors at PSCS).

2 thoughts on “Day 338 (3 June 2011) – High Finance

  1. Oh my! It is 100 degrees today here in Texas. We have hardly had any rain for well over a month.

  2. It means “Crédit industriel et commercial”. Nobody else knows actually but who cares.

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