Day 340 (5 June 2011) – The French Open

No, I’m not referring to how Melinda, the girls & I slipped into the country. I am, of course, referring to the significant tennis tournament that is taking place as I write. It’s in the middle of the second set, Rafael Nadal having taken the first 7-5. Roger Federer won the first 3 games but couldn’t hold off Nadal.

You may be asking what today’s photo has to do with Nadal, Federer and the French Open. Well, let me tell you.

Théo, there on the right, is a tennis fan. He told me that he can serve like Roger Federer. I’m not sure if he was referring to hitting a tennis ball or bringing dinner to the table but it really doesn’t matter. Bérnard, there on the left, is also a fan of hitting a fuzzy little ball over a net. Christine, there in the middle, is a supportive mom and wife.

Oh, in terms of explanation, there’s more. The Bertail family doesn’t have cable TV. We do. The French Open is on. They asked if they could come watch (note their glazed TV-watching eyes).

On a different subject, one I promise had nothing to do with the fact that half the Bertail family was coming to watch tennis on our TV, Melinda & Ella left today for a couple of days on the Île de Ré, a spontaneous vacation that emerged when Ella learned she need not attend school tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m hoping Melinda can send me a photo for the blog tomorrow but we aren’t sure she’ll have Internet access.

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