Day 339 (4 June 2011) – PSCS Graduation Day!

Our minds have been on PSCS all day today, knowing that our four seniors will be graduating. The ceremony is scheduled to begin in about an hour, what is 7:30pm in Nantes. For about 45 minutes each, each graduate will be honored by the community. Please take a minute to learn more as the ceremony is unlike anything else I know. Of all the things we’re not participating in this year, this one is the hardest. What I am especially missing is handing each graduate her/his diploma, something that has become a tradition (or least for me) for me to do each year. Truthfully, it’s harder today than I thought it would be.

Melinda and I have created various tributes to the graduates, Aaron, Clare, Kestrel and Tristan. As small as it is, wearing my PSCS T-shirt (see today’s photo) while the ceremony is going on is one. Over the last few days we created a short video for each graduate, videos that will be played during the point each student is appreciated by the community during the ceremony. We honored the graduates by featuring them on the Kind Living blog today, a post that includes links to “mixed tapes,” a collection of songs I created for each and uploaded to a website where anyone interested can listen.

Congratulations to my students and my dear friends, Aaron, Clare, Kestrel and Tristan. We are all missing you today but are with you in spirit!

Your thoughts?

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