Day 354 (19 June 2011) – What I Think About When I Run

How long does it take to run for two hours?

I posed that silly question to Melinda with more than a little pride and excitement. You see, on Wednesday I ran for two hours. Without stopping. And as Melinda correctly answered, it took me 120 minutes to do it.

Now I’m not sure how long it might take someone else to run for two hours. For instance, it might take Laurent a little less time. I mentioned to him that I had run for two hours on Wednesday and he invited me to run with him this morning. As we ran, I realized that he can go at a quicker pace than I can, meaning of course that he could run for two hours but it would likely take him 90 minutes or so. That is, if you get my drift.

Try this one. If Train A leaves Seattle for Chicago at 9am and is going 45 mph, and Train B leaves New York for Chicago at noon and is going 50 mph, for how long can I run once we get back to Seattle?

Those are my running shoes in today’s post, presented as a tribute to the fact that, as Laurent pointed out this morning, if you add up all the running I’ve done in the last 7 days I could have run a marathon.

One thought on “Day 354 (19 June 2011) – What I Think About When I Run

  1. Seems to me an important question to contemplate, is if you run the marathon in two years, how many pairs of shoes will you wear out before the marathon?? Save your pennies — not replacing them often enough can create foot problem which means you may not be able to run the marathon at all!! Congratulations on running two hours.

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