Day 353 (18 June 2011) – Lazy Day

Lazy day. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I’ve hardly seen the girls, so late did they sleep in and how hunkered down they’ve been in their rooms. I think everyone is needing a little battery re-charge. This could be due to the weather, which has felt decidedly fall-like the last few days. The amount of wind we’ve been having is really something. It could also be due to school wrapping up. Chloe’s last day was yesterday, meaning she is officially on “vacation.” Ella still has the upcoming week to go, but the wind-down period has begun. Me, I think I’m battling a cold…

Today’s photo is a self-portrait Melinda took after hearing a knock on the door and being presented with these roses. They are a gift from Bernard’s parents, Monsieur and Madame Bertail, and were delivered by Monsieur Bertail himself. The Bertails were in Nantes overnight to be part of an important event for granddaughter Celeste and since we have a spare bedroom, they stayed here. The flowers were intended as a thank you and, believe me, they were well-received by Melinda who immediately set about taking pictures of both the flowers and their presentation.

Your thoughts?

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