Chocolate & Wine Tasting I (Day 365 + 2)

July 2, 2011

Colorful PlumsIn about an hour we are expecting Frédérique & Laurent AND Christine & Bernard to arrive. Tonight we are finally hosting a party we’ve been wanting to host for months. Back in November when my parents came to visit, they brought us all kinds of goodies. Among those were some gifts from some Seattle area friends, including a selection of Theo Chocolate. You see, the son of the founders of Theo attends PSCS and his family has been very generous in supplying the school with chocolate. In this case, they sent with my parents an amazing amount, including a chocolate and wine pairing kit. So tonight, the Boudeaus and Bertails are coming to taste wine and chocolate. Yes, the living remains tough.

In preparation, Melinda & I went out to Leclerc this afternoon to pick up a few things to eat before the serious tasting commences: some cheese, some fruit, and some nuts. While in the produce section I was quite taken by the display of plums (or “prunes” in French). Three different colors and absolutely spectacular in appearance next to each other. I snapped this picture with my cell phone to try to capture them.

Expect another photo and more detail about the tonight’s party in tomorrow’s post. For now, I need to help Melinda get ready!

Day 2 (2 July 2010) – iPad

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