Chocolate & Wine Tasting II (Day 365 + 3)

July 3, 2011

Yesterday I mentioned that we were hosting the Boudeaus and the Bertails for a chocolate and wine tasting event, following the directions from a pairing kit, complete with chocolate, provided by our friends at Theo Chocolate in Seattle. I think all three couples had a great time, and it was wonderful for Melinda and me to bring together Frédérique & Laurent with Christine & Bernard.

Today’s photo is of Laurent pouring one of the three wines we used to pair with the chocolate. We had a Syrah, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re scoring at home, Theo provides five bars of chocolate, a Dominican Republic, a Rich & Dark, a Bread & Chocolate, a Fig, Fennel & Almond, and a Cherry & Almond. Frédérique and Christine were quite taken by the fact that the Bread & Chocolate actually lists French bread as one of its ingredients!

Bernard & I had the same favorite pairing, the Syrah with Fig, Fennel & Almond bar. I described the combination as being nutty and liking how the flavors sat on the edge of my tongue. Christine commented how well the Cabernet Sauvignon matched with the Rich & Dark chocolate. Together, it created a kind of caramel aftertaste.

I showed Laurent the Theo website and we noticed that they also provide a chocolate and BEER pairing kit. It’s too late to get that here in France but I’m plotting a Seattle party for that one. Calling Mike Quamma….

Day 3 (3 July 2010) – Carless in Seattle

2 thoughts on “Chocolate & Wine Tasting II (Day 365 + 3)

  1. This sounded like such a good idea that I went to the Theo website hoping to order a wine and chocolate tasting for my little birthday celebration … however, they do not do online orders! Disappointment!

  2. Thanks to your help, I did find the right place online for ordering the “Pairing Kits,” but Texas is one of the places they have to ship to overnight or next day (because of our heat). I once sent chocolates to my sister in Mississippi and they were melted by the time they arrived, so I decided to see what I can find locally at a “gourmet” chocolate shop where our son lives. I am not very brave about matching the wine to the chocolate, but… I can experiment! My neighbors won’t care as long as the wine and chocolate are good separately. I love planning my own brithday get-together…. my Dove chocolate saying for the day is “Be playful with your love.” Gotta love that!

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