Snooker (Day 365 + 6)

July 6, 2011

SnookerOur neighbor John, a kind man if one ever lived, invited me over for a game of snooker, a variety of pool that I’d never understood prior to meeting him. He has a table in his house and on several occasions has invited me to play. Every time I’ve accepted I’ve had a great time. John has a relaxed way about him that immediately puts a person at ease. He also is quick to offer a beer. Perhaps the two things are related, although I’m not sure which one precedes the other.

No, in John’s case, I know. The kindness precedes the offer of a beer.

I put my cellphone camera down on the end of the table to snap today’s picture. That’s John on the left and his step-son, Benoit, on the right. You may recall from last summer that Benoit is quite the cook. Today he was my snooker partner, while John partnered with daughter Céline. Benoit & I won the first game but gave up the ghost in the second after it looked like we had it in the bag. I think that means a third match needs to be had to decide the championship. Perhaps next week?

On a side-note, given the overlap of our days in France, this being our second July here, you may have noticed I’m ending each post with a link to what we were doing on this day last year. Indulge me in my nostalgia sappiness, please…
Day 6 (6 July 2010) – Touring Nantes

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