Poubelle (Day 365 + 7)

July 7, 2011

It’s a cool, windy and sometimes rainy day in Nantes today, meaning we aren’t sitting by the pool. Instead, it’s a series of little projects occupying our time. For instance, Melinda and I went into town and made it so our tram passes would not automatically renew (Line 2, forgive me). poubelleWe also bought a couple of things to bring back with us to Seattle. Right now, Melinda and Ella are sorting through Ella’s school papers to see what to bring home. This prompted Chloe to start contemplating her clothes.

I won’t get started on the challenge that awaits Chloe in terms of clothing and suitcase weight limitations, but instead talk about this lovely French word, “poubelle.”

I took today’s photo this afternoon while Melinda and I were in a little crêperie in town. Isn’t it cute? You pull on the little handle and this door hinges open at the top, revealing a secret compartment. Just what does one find inside?

Garbage. Yup, “poubelle” is French for garbage. Yes, you may be asking why a word with “belle” (literally, beautiful) in it would be used for garbage. I know I am. So I looked up “pou” to see if it meant anything. Literally, it’s “louse.” Yes, the singular for lice. So the word in French for garbage translates as “beautiful louse.” Okay then.

A year ago today we toured Ella’s school for the first time and met Monsieur Bregéon. For my French friends, that means that today is M. Bregéon’s and my first anniversary. I’m embarrassed to say I did not get him anything…
Day 7 (7 July 2010) – Ella’s School

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