Organizing (Day 365 + 9)

July 9, 2011

OrganizingThe weather remains decidedly un-summer-like, affording us the opportunity to start the laborious, sad and somewhat exciting process of getting ready to consider the prospect of some day moving out of our Nantes house. Today’s photo is a self-portrait taken by Chloe that includes quite a few of her clothes, rolled in preparation of being placed in a suitcase. If it’s hard to figure this out from the photo, here are some viewing instructions.

First, locate her legs and feet at the top of the picture. The presence of these indicate a mirror. Below her feet and on the floor are the rolled clothes, doubled in number because of the mirror (although to the rest of us it’s not surprising to think Chloe may actually have twice as many clothes as she does). Adding to the artistic nature of the photo is Chloe’s laptop (upper left).

Melinda has been organizing the office, sorting through paperwork to determine what needs to be brought home and what can be recycled or trashed. Like Chloe, I went through my clothes but did not begin the process of rolling them. I just decided what I’m taking and what I’m getting rid of. Ella bought a book on iTunes (something with Chloe in the title, I think, a new TV show, perhaps?).

So that’s how we spent the day. Tonight the girls are heading to the Boudeaus for a pizza dinner with Romain and Manon. Laurent & Frédérique are treating Melinda and me to a dinner out, a thank you for our English “lessons” with Romain and Manon during the school year.

A year ago today I reported on Melinda and me taking a walk to get a baguette. That post sounds so quaint today, so innocent…
Day 9 (9 July 2010) – Morning Walk

One thought on “Organizing (Day 365 + 9)

  1. It took me a minute to realize that the whole wall is a mirror. If I remember correctly the daughter of the owners of the house was a dancer. I was looking at the clothes vertically not horizontally. Old eyes are probably the problem.
    Hope you had a grand dinner out.

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