Frédérique & Laurent (Day 365 + 10)

July 10, 2011

The BoudeausHere they are, Frédérique & Laurent Boudeau! If you can, please hold your applause to the end. No, go ahead. I’ll wait for the excitement to quiet down a bit.

Indeed, the Boudeaus are worthy of Melinda’s, Chloe’s, Ella’s and my applause. If it wasn’t for them, we would not be in Nantes, we would not have had this amazing house, Ella would not have attended Le Loquidy… The list goes on and on. So just why were the Boudeaus thanking Melinda and me last night, taking US out for a fancy dinner? Perhaps it was to thank us for letting them do so much for us? Come to think of it, it was mighty nice of us to provide them the opportunity to be so thoughtful and generous. I mean, who knows, without us there is no way they would have had so many chances to earn their angel wings. Right? Right?!

Okay, enough of that already. The Boudeaus took Melinda and me out last night, and provided pizza for Chloe and Ella at their house, as a thank you for the English “lessons” we provided Romain and Manon. I put “lessons” in “quotes” because calling what we did “lessons” makes it sound far more formal than it was. We just talked to them. In “English.”

The dinner was delicious, of course. For you Seattle area folks, the restaurant is something like the Herbfarm insomuch as the vegetables are all grown by the chefs themselves. We had three courses and Laurent chose the wine. What could be better than that?

Nothing, that’s what.

Turning back the clock to last year’s July 10th, I reported on our cell phone challenges. Oh, don’t get me started…
Day 10 (10 July 2010) – Cell Phones

One thought on “Frédérique & Laurent (Day 365 + 10)

  1. This is really getting out of control… I am trying to be happy for you but my jealousy is turning me green…

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