Shopping Sisters (Day 365 + 13)

July 13, 2011

Shopping SistersHere are Chloe and Ella, off on a shopping excursion today, just the two of them. Chloe learned that Ella had not yet been inside the Nantes chateau so set about rectifying that oversight. Before that, the girls did some shopping. I know Chloe came back with some shoes she’s been wanting. You may be asking why she’s buying more items so close to our departure from France and you’d have a point. But I think the answer has something to do with not being able to get THESE shoes in Seattle.

I volunteered a few Euros for the girls to get some gelato, which they gladly did at the yummy gelato shop in town. Chloe raved about it afterwards, saying it rivaled what we had in Italy. That’s saying something.

I’m writing while sitting next to Frédérique and Laurent who came over, along with Romain and Manon, to watch the US-France women’s World Cup match (won by the US 3-1). Minutes ago, Chloe took off with Romain and Manon to see he new Harry Potter movie which was released in France today. Ella declined an invitation to go along, preferring to wait to see the movie until she can see it in English.

A year ago today I acknowledged it being my father’s 76th birthday (happy 77th today, dad!)…
Day 13 (13 July 2010) – Happy Birthday, Al!

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