Our Second Bastille Day (Day 365 + 14)

July 14, 2011

Ella's AlgebraIt’s French National Day in France, Bastille Day or le quatorze juillet. To this point, we haven’t done anything special to celebrate but we are thinking of heading in to town for the fireworks show later. Last year we watched it from the balcony of the apartment at which we were staying. But the apartment was much closer to town than where our house is so to see anything we’ll have to leave the house. The small problem with that is public transportation is on an abbreviated, holiday schedule.

What we’ve spent most of the day doing is lounge by or in the pool. In preparation for the effort involved in such lounging, I went for an early morning run while Melinda worked out with Christine. For you Seattle folks, we are intending to come back with some serious tans. Chloe commented that on days like this Nantes feels like California.

Another thing happening this month is me spending time each weekday morning (including this morning) working with Ella on algebra. She had completed half of a year-long high school course at PSCS before we left and wants to complete the second half before school starts in September. She’s well on her way. Tomorrow she will have completed the eighth of ten workbooks she needs to finish to meet her goal. Today’s photo shows her graphing linear equations.

Learn more about our first Bastille Day in France from last year’s entry for this day…
Day 14 (14 July 2010) – Bastille Day

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