Kebob Brownies (Day 365 + 16)

July 16, 2011

Trampoline KidsJohn’s family will be heading out on Wednesday for a little vacation, meaning this is the last weekend we’ll be seeing them. He and Ann-Marie had suggested having the Bertails and our family over one more time before they go, but Bernard and Christine were having none of that. They insisted it was their turn to host so we all met at their house last night for a BBQ dinner.

While the older adults (I’m referring to those who qualify as parents as opposed to the younger set that included a couple of 18 year-olds) chatted around a table, the kids and younger adults (yes, Christine does qualify as a “younger adult” but was disqualified from such status here based on being a parent) all climbed on the trampoline and started tossing a ball around. I risked my membership in any group by separating from the older adults to take this picture. That’s the ball leaving Ella’s hands. Moving to her right you see Benoit, Céline, Celeste, Alexandre, Claire, Maxime and then Chloe. Théo was absent, having been out of town with a friend for a few nights.

I’m not going to try to explain what a “kebob” is in France. But it’s NOT skewered meat and vegetables like Bernard served last night. Whatever it is called that Bernard fixed, it was delicious.

Christine again proved her baking wizardry by providing brownies. Chloe & I have dubbed them “Crack Brownies” due to their addictive nature. Christine prefers the name “Pin-Up Brownies.” I’m thinking I might just call them “Kebob Brownies.” Believe me, they’d still taste just as sweet.

A year ago today we moved in to the Boudeau house for a night in preparation for our trip to Pornichet…
Day 16 (16 July 2010) – Chez Les Boudeau

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