Reflecting… (Day 365 + 17)

July 17, 2011

Bus RelaisA year ago today we had a crazy, crazy day. Not knowing Nantes very well, we walked from the Boudeaus to catch Line 1 of the tram, a fair distance with the luggage needed for two weeks in Pornichet. We took Line 1 to the train station, our first of what has become many uses of the station. But on July 17, 2010 it was all new to us. How funny that seems now. The biggest deal, though, was not objecting when people on the train wouldn’t relinquish seats to which we had tickets. What did we know? We were Nantes newbies.

Today has been a much calmer day, spent indoors due to the windy and rainy weather that is persisting. Other than a morning run, during which I got drenched, I’ve been organizing the Tom Waits section of my iTunes library. This is a significant task, mind you, Tom Waits being one of my favorite singers. Melinda has been doing laundry, and Chloe & Ella have been tying up some of their own loose ends.

Today’s photo is from a Line 2 tram stop. The orange sign is indicating that from July 22 to August 21 several stops will be closed while construction work takes place. A bus will move people from stop to stop. You might remember this from last August. In fact, there is much roadwork taking place in Nantes, the summer being the best time to do it.

Day 17 (17 July 2010) – Crazy Day

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