Zacharie & Luce Revisited (Day 365 + 22)

July 22, 2011

Zacharie & LuceAs you can likely tell, I took this picture right after I took the one I used in yesterday’s post. I have been imagining at least one person (my mom) reading yesterday’s post and saying something to the effect of, “But I can’t see their faces!” So here they are, Zacharie and Luce, in all their glory.

Let may say it again. These are adorable children. And they speak fluent French. Go figure. I’ll tell you, there are few things cuter in my world than hearing a small child speak French. Luce, especially, just melts my heart. Chloe has a video of her singing, too, that is priceless. If listening to a small child speak French is cute, hearing one sing in French is over the top cute. Given both parents are professional musicians, there isn’t much surprise that Luce has some musical ability.

Switching gears, today Melinda and Christine went out together for lunch. Back at home, Chloe tried to coax the sun out from behind the clouds by sitting by the pool. It didn’t really work. For you Seattle folks, the last couple of weeks in Nantes have mirrored the weather we hear you’ve been having. Ella finished up Book 9 in her math series, meaning she’s right on track. Me, I cleaned the pool. In a few minutes, Laurent and Frédérique are picking up Melinda and me. The four of us are heading to a garden party at the home of Alice’s parents. Chloe is going out with a girlfriend from China she met at the University of Nantes. Ella has a date with some fan fiction, I think.

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2 thoughts on “Zacharie & Luce Revisited (Day 365 + 22)

  1. is it appropriate to say, “if you gotta do a garden party, I wish you a lot of luck”?

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