The New Racetrack (Day 365 + 23)

July 23, 2011

The New RacetrackPerhaps it’s a little bit selfish of me to choose this photo today, especially when I have several others from our day trip to Pornichet and the city’s new racetrack. I mean I have a nice shot of Laurent and his friend (and our day’s host) Luc cheering on their selections in an early race. And I have a lovely picture of Luc and Isabelle, his wife, just outside their house. Then there is a group shot of Frédérique, Laurent, Luc, Isabelle, Melinda and me during our late afternoon walk along the beach with the Atlantic Ocean behind us. But I choose this one of me with racehorses. Yup. Selfish.

On July 24 last year, a year ago tomorrow, when we were staying in Pornichet, I wrote about the construction of the racetrack. I lamented that we had arrived in Pornichet a year early. Then the opportunity came for us to go today, thus closing this tiny gap in my France experience. Laurent & Frédérique set it up and agreed to drive. Luc & Isabelle provided an incredible lunch. And they live so close to the racetrack that we could easily walk. Turns out it was a special day at the track, too. Free admission, pony rides for kids and more. Laurent was the big winner, clearing 60 centimes on his betting.

A year ago today I introduced you to the library at Pornichet…
Day 23 (23 July 2010) – Pornichet Library

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