The Beach (Day 365 + 24)

July 24, 2011

The Beach at PornichetOkay, here is one of those pictures I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the one in which I so rudely ignored all the great photos and story possibilities in favor of posting a picture of me at a racetrack. You just have to understand that I have my priorities.

So, yes, yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the newly remodeled racetrack in Pornichet, having had a wonderful lunch at Luc’s & Isabelle’s house. Then after the races, we drove into town, parked, and went for a long walk along the beach. We stopped at a strategic point for this photo, taken by Luc’s sister who was with us (L-R: Luc, Isabelle, Laurent, Melinda, Frédérique, Andy).

Back at home in Nantes today we are cleaning and packing, readying ourselves for our move back to Seattle. It’s all feeling a bit surreal. I was cleaning the shower and reminiscing on the day last year when the owners of our home were first showing us around the house. Was that really a year ago?

Speaking of a year ago, as I mentioned yesterday, on this day last year I imagined what the Pornichet racetrack would look like in 2011…
Day 24 (24 July 2010) – The New Racetrack

Your thoughts?

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