Seattle Skyline

Today’s post is much less about our adjustment back to Seattle and more about introducing Romain to several Seattle landmarks. Let’s see how many you can identify in this picture.

Try to find:
– the Space Needle
– the Seattle skyline
– Lake Union
– a sailboat
– I-5
– a cheeseburger from Dick’s Drive-in
– an attractive Frenchmen (not technically a Seattle landmark but it should be)
– blue sky (oh, technically that’s not a Seattle landmark, either)
– two American girls

For extra credit, identify the location of today’s photo. Double bonus points if you are able to do this and do not live or have not lived in Seattle.

Now on the subject of re-adjusting, is a cheeseburger from Dick’s part of that process? For you Seattleites, consider that to be an essay question opportunity.

11 thoughts on “Seattle Skyline

    1. If you click on the picture (to enlarge it), you can see a strip of concrete just above the water line on the left side, appearing to come out of Romain’s head. I’m pretty sure that’s I-5.

  1. Looks like Gasworks Park to me. Not so bad having only been to Seattle three times in my life!

  2. I confess, when I ran my cursor across the picture to enlarge it, it was titled “Gasworks Park.” I have never actually been there and of course did not recognize it! My little joke…

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