“Thank you for the place you gave me in your family.”

Romain left this afternoon and we are all a little sad. Melinda took him to the airport after some staggered goodbyes this morning. Not only do we absolutely love Romain, we like what he brought to our lives in Seattle. He’s fun, funny, thoughtful and kind. He left us a touching goodbye note that included this line, “Thank you for the place you gave me in your family.”

And with Romain’s departure, we feel a little farther away from France…

To feel a little closer to being fully back home, Melinda & I hooked up tonight with our longtime friends Kevin & Lynn (that’s the 4 of us in today’s picture). We credit Kevin (and another friend named Bruce) for Melinda and me meeting. He & I went to high school together. And Lynn has known Melinda and Brenda from single digit grade school.

Lynn is a filmmaker gaining serious attention in the world. She told us her most well-known film, Humpday, is being re-made in France with a bigger budget and famous French actors and everything. That’s exciting, to say the least.

As if reconnecting with Romain and everyone else in France wasn’t enough reason to go back…

One thought on ““Thank you for the place you gave me in your family.”

  1. Wait a minute! Wait a gosh darn minute. I know you guys! Is this the same Kevin and Melinda and Bruce who once worked at Larsen Bay Cannery on Kodiak Island in the summer of ’82? Nina was also there. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so! It’s Tom. Originally from Nebraska. I live in Los Angeles area now.
    If it is, shoot me an email sometime. oceanblvd1@hotmail.com .
    If it’s not you, disregard this.
    Sorry to Andy to barge in your blog like this!

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