Family of 4

This is the last night in our Seattle home as a family of two adults and two children. Tomorrow, Melinda and I take Chloe to Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia where she begins college next week. It’s one of those very exciting moments in a family, shown in emotional scenes on TV and in the movies, the child all packed up and being delivered to college. I can safely say that we are feeling all of those things a family is expected to feel right now.

Most significantly, though, I’d say we are all feeling excited. Chloe is well-prepared for this next step and as parents, Melinda and I are excited for her to take it in her life. We aren’t lamenting the loss of her daily presence in our lives (as much as we will miss her), but are focusing on the naturalness of what is happening. It helps that she won’t be too far away, about a 3-4 hour car ride (depending on the border).

I asked Chloe what she wanted to do tonight, expecting her to want to go out to dinner. Instead, she wanted the four of us to eat together around the table at home, a tip of the hat to the importance she places on the routine we’ve had for over 18 years. Her lone request was, get this, rainbow sherbert for dessert.

Before eating, Ella gave Chloe a going-away gift she had found – Milka chocolate! Ella was pleased to find it at a local drugstore, especially so when we thought it was only available in Europe.

Changing subjects, my dad is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. The news continues to be excellent.

Your thoughts?

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