We’re off to take Chloe to college today, something I’m sure I’ll post about tomorrow. I’ve created this post in advance of our departure, and set it to publish while we are away.

This photo was taken in France 11 years ago, meaning Chloe was 7 years old. We were taken to France then, along with Melinda’s ENTIRE family, by her grandfather who wanted to celebrate his 90th birthday in style. It was an incredible two weeks in France, the first in Paris and the second at a villa in southern France. For anyone who cherishes family and wants to be part of a celebration of your life in its sunset years, a celebration that includes you, I recommend something like this.

As you may have figured out, I’ve chosen this photo today in honor of Chloe. I’ll tell you, taking your child to college certainly gives a parent pause to think. Rising quickly to the top of these thoughts is, “Where did the time go?” Her first day in kindergarten seems like last week, for instance. And I can see her proud preschool face when the sun came out in February and she asked us to fill her kiddie pool.

Today is one of those benchmark days, indeed.

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