We’re back from taking Chloe to her college in Canada and I’m more than a little bit tired. Not only is there the drive, there’s the border crossing AND the emotional part of dropping off your first child at college. So yes, we’re back home and the house already seems a little different. The door to her room is open at 11pm and it’s not because she’s out for the night. She’s out for college.

Today’s picture is of Chloe and her roommate, Andrea. Andrea is from Bolivia and is extremely sweet and nice (I think she could pass for 14 or 15 but that may be more a reflection of my age than Andrea’s). We also met Andrea’s mom who accompanied her from Bolivia and was experiencing all of the same parent reactions that Melinda and I are feeling.

It was a great two days. Quest University knows what they are doing and puts on a great orientation for parents and students. We participated in sessions on the neurology of what is happening in both parents and their children, details about college life at Quest, and a couple of casual receptions that allowed us to schmooze with the entire faculty (referred to at Quest as “tutors”).

Chloe had sessions of her own, including one on how to co-exist with the wildlife in the area, namely coyotes, cougars and bears. How’s that for an initiation??

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