Toyoda Sushi

Frédérique & Laurent,

This post is for you, complete with this photo that Melinda took of me inside of Toyoda Sushi, our favorite sushi restaurant in Seattle, about an hour ago. Ella was off with some friends and Chloe, of course, is away at college. Melinda and I had ideas about going for a long walk but then saw a feature on TV about bluefin tuna and we couldn’t resist the desire to go get some sushi. For a minute we talked about walking to a lower quality sushi restaurant not far from our house. But given our “sans enfants” status and it being Saturday night, we went to Toyoda.

We sat at the sushi bar in seats from the past and where the sushi chef at one time would recognize us. It’s the same chef (in fact, it’s the same chef since the restaurant opened in 1989) but I’m not sure if he identified us as former regulars. Still, he gifted us with a fresh octopus salad and we knew we were back.

We ordered this plate of chef-selected sashimi (believe it or not, this is the “small dinner plate”) and a Rainbow Futomaki roll. It was the kind of sushi that melts in your mouth, demonstrating that what is referred to as “sushi” in one restaurant would not dare be called “sushi” in another. We wish the two of you were there with us to experience it.

Now you know I love Nantes and French food and everything. But the sushi we found in Nantes was nothing like this. When you come visit, we intend to take you there.



PS – Some readers may be interested in reading more about Toyoda Sushi at this link.

PPS – I bought the shirt I’m wearing in today’s photo at Decathlon.

2 thoughts on “Toyoda Sushi

  1. Dear Andy & Melinda,
    Thank you for the blog today which is only for us.
    We look forward to tasting sushi at Seattle next year !
    Laurent and Frédérique

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