Dwight’s Birthday

That’s Melinda’s dad, Dwight, blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. He turned 77 today and we just returned from a family birthday party at Melinda’s parents’ house. It was tons of fun. Michele, Melinda’s mom, puts on quite a family party for birthdays. She gets the best food items from around the Seattle area. Tonight’s dinner consisted of the tenderest pork chops, baby broccoli and a delicious homemade salad. On top of that, she had crab cakes as an apéritif and this cake for a dessert. Rosé wine complemented the pre-dinner festivities, and an aromatic Pinot Noir complemented dinner. A fine time.

In attendance tonight were Melinda, Ella and me, as well as Brenda, Greg & Perrin (Melinda’s sister, bro-in-law and niece), not to mention Dwight & Michele. Perrin is 4, soon to be 5, and is quite the social butterfly. As the evening wound down, we were treated to a view of Perrin in her very fashionable trench coat. She looked like the stereotypical American spy, like a character from the old TV show “Get Smart.” Given her size, Brenda referred to her as Agent 43 (half of “86,” the secret agent number for the star of that show). Very funny.

I think Dwight had a fine time, surrounded by family. Looking around, I hope something like this can be had for me when I turn 77. Family, great food, humor, and grandkids. Sign me up, please!!

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