Chloe at Quest

Chloe sent us a couple of photos via email from Quest, including this one. From all reports, she’s as happy as could be at college. She tells us she’s working hard, but enjoying it. She’s made lots of new friends, is very happy with her roommate, and is pleased with college life. She was even part of a group that ventured into Vancouver on Saturday to watched the Seattle Sounders soccer team beat the Vancouver Whitecaps. Sounds like fun.

The only thing that hasn’t gone well for her? Her cell phone. That’s right. Cell phone troubles continue to haunt our family.

The day Melinda and I drove her up to college we tried to help her get a Canadian cell phone. Together, we found a plan that we all agreed was perfect for her, especially for the price. Money was put down and all was set up. Or so we thought. As the days passed Chloe’s phone would not activate. Ultimately, Melinda determined that the particular phone Chloe has was not compatible with the service provider.

You’d think that would have been told to us at the time we attempted to activate the service.

Anyway, LONG story short… Chloe went in to get her money back, was told everything was in order for a refund and, after nearly 3 weeks, still does not have the reimbursement

Tell me, do we have bad cell phone karma or is this the experience everyone has??

Your thoughts?

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