Tuesday Routine

So we’re starting to get into a regular routine back here in Seattle. It’s been two months now since we left France (really!?) and three weeks since school started. So you’d think a regular routine wouldn’t be too hard to have established by now.

Tuesdays look something like this. First, if you don’t know, Ella attends PSCS and, of course, Melinda and I work for PSCS. So we leave the house together at 8:15 and arrive at school around 8:40. School is from 9-3:30, and then Melinda and typically have some after school work to get done. We typically leave by 4:30 and are home by 5.

Soon after 5 the three of us go for a run in Ravenna Park! That’s right, Ella is running, too, as today’s picture somewhat implies. I took it just as we were about to start off today. After the run it’s dinner, dishes, and, perhaps, a little PSCS work for me. Then at 8 the three of us watch an episode of “French in Action” on VHS (so retro!). At 9 I read to Ella, then it’s any prep work I have left to do for school on Wednesday. After that, beddie-bye.

Now if we could only get a routine for the other 6 days of the week…

Your thoughts?

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