Almost Forgot

This is nuts. I almost forgot to post to the blog tonight. And it’s not like I was really busy or anything. I mean there was a staff meeting after school so we didn’t get home until late. Then making (and eating) dinner, chatting with my folks on the phone. I read to Ella before she went to bed. And Melinda & I watched some streaming TV shows.

Really, nothing busy. Plenty of time to post. It just never occurred to me. That is, until about 5 minutes ago, when I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. All of sudden, it hit me.

I hadn’t posted to the blog.

What does it mean? Okay, yeah, I remembered and all, and here I am posting at 11:30, and using a silly photo of me from the PSCS retreat at the start of the month. Is it related to the fate of the Red Sox and the Braves?

Should I be worried?

One thought on “Almost Forgot

  1. I would wager a guess that you have finally resumed your life successfully back in the States. Congratulations, I think!

Your thoughts?

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