A Drop of the “Water of Life”

Back on January 4 I wrote a post called “Water of Life.” In that post I mentioned several ideas I had for that day’s blog post title, finally settling on “Water of Life” in honor of a digestif I had after lunch that day, something that in French is called “Eau de Vie.” I found I loved it and actually have a handful of stories to tell about it, most having to do with my friend “Poire William.”

But today’s post is specific to a little gift Melinda presented me tonight. Yes, in her hands is a tiny bottle of eau de vie. This one is eau de vie pomme (apple) and I have no doubt it will be wonderful. She told me she contemplated buying me a regular sized bottle but it was a bit expensive. This little bottle was $5…

Speaking of Melinda, I think she looks especially good today and asked if she’d allow me to include her in today’s photo. While you can’t see it too well, she’s wearing a new skirt that came in the mail yesterday from England. She reported that in her travels of the day two strangers even told her how good it looks.

That’s right.

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