Dance, Ella, Dance

Ella is taking two dance classes this fall. On Thursday evenings it’s a beginning ballet class. And on Friday evenings, a ballroom/swing class. She is very happy about both and has asked me to take a picture of her and write about it here on the blog. I had hoped to get a shot of her tonight before class was over, an action shot, but it took an extra long time to get to the studio to pick her up. Melinda was guessing that may have to do with The Black Keys performing tonight at the grand opening of the Microsoft Store at University Village.

Anyway, dance seems to be a better fit for Ella than was soccer, what she had done for several years in the fall before our year in France. Her heart was never really into it, especially when compared to dance. I just don’t think Ella is the competitive type.

It seems I may have told this story before but it bears repeating. Back when she was something like 3, we signed up Ella for a Creative Dance class in the neighborhood. In her first class Melinda and I kind of spied through a small window in the door. Ella seemed to be having a great time. When class was over she came out and we asked, “So how was it??” She replied with some scorn, “I don’t know how they can call it creative dance when they tell you what to do!”

It was both funny and stunning, coming from Ella.

Your thoughts?

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