Halloween at PSCS!

I know what you’re thinking. Halloween isn’t until Monday so why the focus three days early? Well, Fridays at PSCS provide the most flexibility for activities like a HALLOWEEN PARTY. So members of the staff and many students took full advantage and threw a full-blown party, complete with costumes, a haunted house (or something like it), doughnuts on a string, pumpkin carving and pizza.

After four days on jury duty, it provided quite a contrast.

Ella (that’s her on the left with friend Chloe – note their fancy eyelashes) was responsible for the haunted house and received much appreciation for it. She claims she really didn’t know how to organize a haunted house so instead took people into a room lit only by candles, blindfolded them, then stuck their hands in disgusting concoctions. I found the most disgusting to be fruit pulp in a plastic bag. The most fascinating was an over-ripe banana with its peel. Blindfolded and primed for Halloween, I was ready to believe the peel was some kind of intestine or something.

Ok, so I got a little caught up in the festivities.

For a real fright, I refer you to the 2011 Texas Rangers and their fans. 1 strike away from a World Series title last night, they lose Game 7 tonight. Ouch.

Your thoughts?

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