The Real Pumpkin Weekend

Last weekend I wrote about Chloe’s attempts to duplicate Pumpkin Weekend at college. But there is nothing like the original, the real deal. And that one involves Brenda, Greg & Perrin.

Just before 5pm today, Melinda & I dropped off Ella at Brenda’s, Greg’s & Perrin’s house. Or, more accurately, we dropped off the Bride of Frankenstein. Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted by a very attractive witch who looked a lot like Perrin. She cast a spell that allowed us to enter the house, whereupon we heard about her day at the Woodland Park Zoo, complete with some trick or treating there.

In case you need more context for the Bride of Frankenstein and the witch, I refer you to this important video. It was created by Brenda, er, I mean Frankenstein. I trust it is reasonably self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, back to Pumpkin Weekend, Ella arrived with three pumpkins to carve. And as I’ve reported, there is dinner to be had and movies to watch. Tomorrow morning includes breakfast before Ella returns home. It’s a family tradition.

Your thoughts?

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