Pumpkin Weekend 2006

So I dipped into the family photo archive to find this photo, going back 5 years for it. According to the time stamp on this picture, Pumpkin Weekend came early in 2006, October 14. Now why might have Pumpkin Weekend come early in 2006? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Perrin was born on October 18, 2006?

That seems to be about as good of an explanation as there possibly could be.

A part of the PW (Pumpkin Weekend) tradition is to pose for photos with the pumpkins on Brenda’s & Greg’s back porch while sitting in the Adirondack chairs. Greg sets the timer on the camera and then makes a dash for his spot in the photo. This one came out pretty nice, I’d say.

Also of interest is Chloe’s pumpkin. She was studying Hindi at that time and had learned to write her name in Hindi. That’s it on the pumpkin nearest her. And, goodness, Chloe was just 13 back then and Ella was 9, soon to turn 10.

That must mean Melinda and I were younger, too. Probably in our 20’s or something, given how young the girls look.

Your thoughts?

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