Trick or Treat!

So a year ago I had to chase little French kids around our neighborhood to get them to come trick or treating at our house in Nantes. Not so this year, although I must say that there weren’t as many trick or treaters in our neighborhood in Seattle this year as there were when Chloe and Ella were of trick or treating age.

Fortunately, though, we had a visit from the good witch in today’s photo. Yup, that’s Perrin and she made a special stop at our house tonight so we could see her in full costume. For full disclosure, this witch costume is one created by my mom some years ago for Ella, I believe. I’m glad to see it’s still getting good use.

Waxing nostalgic, I admit to feeling some sadness this year over not taking one of my “little” girls out trick or treating. When they were the “right” age, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, them or me. I rank the trick or treat aspects of Halloween up there with birthdays and Christmas Eve for absolute childhood fun.

I mean just stop and think about it. You get to wear a costume. You go out at night. You knock on doors. You say a simple phrase. People give you candy.

If that’s not childhood perfection…

Your thoughts?

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