PSCS Comedy Night

One of the craziest events each year on the PSCS calendar is comedy night. Each year, we get a professional stand-up comedian to volunteer to teach a stand-up comedy class. A handful of students sign up for the class which includes the opportunity to hone their material and then present it on stage at one of the best comedy clubs in the Northwest, the Comedy Underground (co-managed by the father of one of our teachers). To tell you how significant the Comedy Underground is, Ellen DeGeneres once performed there.

So, yes, tonight was comedy night and we just got back home (it’s about 11pm). My photo is of the three student comics who performed on stage, interspersed among some professional comics, including Ty Barnett who was a finalist on Last Comic Standing. Check out this video of Ty on YouTube. Regarding the students, that’s Maddie on the left, Spencer in the center and Joshua on the right.

Your thoughts?

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