Men Swear

Melinda & I were in Target over the weekend. For the benefit of my French friends, Target is one of those “all-purpose” stores, kind of like Leclerc although not nearly the amount of groceries. I really don’t know how to describe it much better than that, other than to say that I always feel tired after having been there. Christine, I think you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, as we were walking through the store I started to chuckle and then laugh out loud. Admittedly, I was in a bit of a nutty mood to begin with, but walking through the clothing section and seeing this sign struck me as very funny. Menswear. Of course they do. So do teenage boys.

That’s almost all I have for you today other than to wish a happy birthday to our good friend Théo in Nantes. Théo, are you reading this blog regularly? Want to come mow our lawn in Seattle? We miss you!

One thought on “Men Swear

  1. Thanks for thinking of my birthday, It’s so nice ! I’d love to come mow you lawn ! It would be so cool ! 😀 Théo

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