Blog Worthy

Here’s another picture from last weekend’s trip to Target. While this one didn’t strike me as being quite as funny as “men swear,” the idea of placing a sign saying “Better For You” above the Cheese Whiz and snack crackers in the food department still gave me a chuckle.

What do you think is on the “Worse For You” aisle??

I don’t recall seeing anything in France that resembled spraying a cheese-like product from an aerosol can. I feel fairly confident that such a concept is uniquely American. And, boy, does that make me feel proud, kind of like when I think of “Freedom Fries.”

Looking at the photos the last two days leads me to consider the concept of something being “blog-worthy.” I referenced this before but feel it’s time to refresh your memories. So, raise your hand if you’re a Seinfeld fan. Keep your hand in the air if you remember the episode in which Elaine evaluates potential suitors from the standpoint of whether or not they are “sponge-worthy.”

Men Swear. Cheese Whiz. Blog-worthy.

Your thoughts?

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