There is this unique organic, gluten-free, vegetarian restaurant in our neighborhood called Thrive. Melinda and I thoroughly enjoy it; in fact, in our perfect world we have a personal chef who makes us the kind of meals, snacks, beverages and desserts that you can order at Thrive.

After a busy Friday late afternoon/early evening that involved getting Ella to her dance class and then quickly to a friend’s birthday party (and pick up a present for her), Melinda and I decided to stop at Thrive for a quick dinner. It was a good decision. If this kind of food interests you, click on their menu and find the Nori Rolls and the Awaken Warm Grain Bowl. Those Nori Rolls, man, I could just keep eating them. There they are in today’s photo.

Sitting there tonight we started talking about next summer when we hope Frédérique and Laurent will be visiting us. We keep noting places we want to take them.

Thrive is on the list.

Your thoughts?

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