Kid Art

I’ll tell you, kids in the 4 to 5 year-old age range make the coolest drawings. Take a look at this one, Exhibit A. And it’s not just the exceptional subject matter that makes it stand out. It’s just outstanding art.

From left to right, study the subjects. That’s about as good a likeness you’re going to get of Melinda, down to the multi-colored dress. Next up is Ella, also well-drawn in a multi-colored dress. Chloe, clearly, was a bit harder to capture, considering the artist had to work from memory. And if the top hat on my head doesn’t impress you, certainly the red shoes will (undoubtedly an Elvis Costello reference as in The Angels Wanna Wear My…), not to mention the glasses and facial hair.

Last night I mentioned that Perrin had completed many fine drawings at Michele’s 75th birthday party. This one we got to take home.

Your thoughts?

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