Our Holiday Living Room, 2011

Ella took this picture about an hour ago, soon after she finished decorating our Christmas tree. The photo is among several we took, prompted by an email request from Chloe to send her photos of the tree. Knowing how much Chloe always enjoys the decorating of the house, I can imagine she feels she’s missing out a bit up at Quest.

That being said, Ella also took on Chloe’s traditional role of making snowflakes and decorating the windows. Look for a photo in the next day or two to represent that part of our family’s holiday traditions. Speaking of Chloe and paper snowflakes, when she was home for Thanksgiving she showed us photos of those she made to decorate her dorm room.

As I write, Melinda and Ella are enjoying the living room, chatting quietly in front of the fire. More moments of what the holidays are all about.

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