Snowflakes 2011

A year ago tomorrow I wrote about the annual flurry of activity that takes place when Chloe and Ella start making paper snowflakes for decorating our house.

Say, did you get that one – “flurry” of activity??

Yesterday I mentioned this, too. So today I present a photo of the front of our house taken from just outside. Specifically, I’m suggesting you note the doors. (BTW, here in the United States, we refer to these as “French doors.” In France, we referred to ALL of our doors as “French doors.”) On the doors are snowflakes, Ella’s work this year.

In terms of real snowflakes, the kind that are cold and wet and cause drivers all kinds of headaches and the city of Seattle to come to a grinding halt, we haven’t seen any of them this year. Me, I’m hoping for some. For now, I’m settling for these very nice looking paper variety, none of which are identical.

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