Holiday Lights (For Christine)

So yesterday I wrote a post for Laurent. Today I’m writing one for Christine. I’m not saying why today. I trust Christine knows.

First, let me just say that not far from our house is an entire street of people that goes all out with decorating their houses for the holiday season. They even have a nickname for their street, Candy Cane Lane. How cute is that? People travel from all over the area to drive through the street in order to gawk at the holiday lights. Learn more here.

But my vote for best holiday house decorating goes to the house in today’s photo. Tastefully understated, doesn’t this martini glass holiday light motif get you feeling all festive? I mean, there are no over-the-top reindeer on the roof, no gaudy blinking lights, no electric Santas pulling presents from a sack. What gets you thinking more about Christmas than a good martini?

Shoot, drink enough martinis and you just might see reindeer on the roof, blinking lights, and a Santa, electric or otherwise, pulling presents from a sack! Candy Cane Lane, you bet!

Your thoughts?

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